Long ago the Trandalarans built a fortress on the island that has since fallen into ruin. Vanaleir believes that artifacts and treasures left behind may be valuable back in Kirasanct.

(Special Note: This quest may be repeated once per day.)

(Daily) Artifact Hunt is an Adventure Quest / Daily Quest given by Vanaleir the Sentinel of Expedition Camp.

Quest Steps

  1. Talk to Vanalier.
  2. Gather eight (8) Forgotten Artifacts from the piles of bones on the grounds around the Fortress on the Island of Ice. The Fortress is to the east of the Expedition Camp, past the Vikinos Beetles.
  3. Recover ten (10) Lost Treasures from the Trandalaran spirits that roam about the Fortress on the Island of Ice.
  4. Return to Vanaleir at the Expedition Camp with the artifacts.

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