WARNING! This page contains spoilers for the quest.

Given By: Lantenal the Hermit
Quest Type: Adventure
Required School: Dragon Adventurer
Level Range: 100+
Required Race: Dragon
Previous Quest: ARoP05 - Scale of Ancients - Light of the Ancient Fire (Helian)
Next Quest: ARoP07 - Scale of Ancients - Armor of the Infinite (Helian)

Quest TextEdit

Lantenal's second riddle is about the power of wind:

Bolt of lightnings fury shown,
In this immortal tempest's son,
Fist of thunder, club of bone,
A feat indeed to best this one.


  1. Solve the riddle and find a symbol of wind...
  2. Return to Lantenal with the Bolt of Lightning

Target MobsEdit


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