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Abomination of Terror is a creature.



Abomination of Terror's Loot
T5 Blighted Formulas
Expert Blighted Club
Expert Blighted Fine Club
Expert Blighted Ringmail Belt
Expert Blighted Large Shield
Expert Blighted Medium Shield
Expert Blighted Small Shield
Expert Blighted Scalemail Bracer
Expert Blighted Ringmail Shoulderpad
Expert Blighted Scalemail Shoulderpad
Expert Blighted Ringmail Greaves
Expert Blighted Scalemail Skilts
Expert Blighted Fine Medium Shield
Expert Blighted Fine Small Shield
Expert Blighted Platemail Helm
Expert Blighted Platemail Boots
Expert Blighted Chainmail Gauntlets
Expert Blighted Fine Large Shield
Expert Blighted Chainmail Mask
Expert Blighted Chainmail Armguards
Expert Blighted Platemail Chestguard
Expert Blighted Cloth Belt
Expert Blighted Hide Bracer
Expert Blighted Hide Cap
Expert Blighted Cloth Shoulderpad
Expert Blighted Hide Shoulderpad
Expert Blighted Cloth Hand Wraps
Expert Blighted Hide Hand Wraps
Expert Blighted Cloth Cape
Expert Blighted Hide Tunic
Expert Blighted Leather Bracer
Expert Blighted Leather Boots
Expert Blighted Padded Boots
Expert Blighted Leather Gloves
Expert Blighted Leather Hand Wraps
Expert Blighted Padded Gloves
Expert Blighted Padded Hand Wraps
Expert Blighted Padded Sleeves
Expert Blighted Strength Chest Scale
Expert Blighted Lesser Gem-Tipped Dragon Claws
Expert Blighted Strength Foreleg Scale
Expert Blighted Dexterity Head Scale
Expert Blighted Power Chest Scale
Expert Blighted Power Foreleg Scale
Expert Blighted Power Head Scale
Expert Blighted Armor Chest Scale
Expert Blighted Armor Foreleg Scale
Expert Blighted Health Head Scale
Expert Blighted Strength Hindleg Scale
Expert Blighted Strength Wing Scale
Expert Blighted Dexterity Back Scale
Expert Blighted Dexterity Tail Scale
Expert Blighted Power Tail Scale
Expert Blighted Focus Back Scale
Expert Blighted Focus Hindleg Scale
Expert Blighted Focus Wing Scale
Expert Blighted Armor Back Scale
Expert Blighted Armor Wing Scale
Expert Blighted Health Hindleg Scale
Expert Blighted Health Tail Scale
Expert Blighted Power Ring
Expert Blighted Strength Ring
Expert Blighted Power Earring
Expert Blighted Strength Necklace
Expert Blighted Dexterity Earring
Expert Blighted Dexterity Bracelet
Expert Blighted Focus Bracelet
Expert Blighted Focus Necklace
Expert Blighted Armor Ring
Expert Blighted Armor Necklace
Expert Blighted Health Earring
Expert Blighted Health Bracelet
Expert Blighted Crossbow
Expert Blighted Longbow
Expert Blighted Staff
Expert Blighted Composite Shortbow
Expert Blighted Fine Crossbow
Expert Blighted Fine Longbow
Expert Blighted Fine Staff
Expert Blighted Fine Composite Shortbow
Expert Blighted Bastard Sword
Expert Blighted Dagger
Expert Blighted Short Sword
Expert Blighted Battle Axe
Expert Blighted Long Spear
Expert Blighted Long Sword
Expert Blighted Maul
Expert Blighted Warhammer
Expert Blighted Fine Bastard Sword
Expert Blighted Fine Dagger
Expert Blighted Fine Hatchet
Expert Blighted Fine Battle Axe
Expert Blighted Fine Gladius
Expert Blighted Fine Long Spear
Expert Blighted Fine Maul
Expert Blighted Fine Warhammer
T5 Blighted Armor
Blighted Mithril Chainmail Armguards
Blighted Mithril Chainmail Belt
Blighted Mithril Chainmail Boots
Blighted Mithril Chainmail Bracer
Blighted Mithril Chainmail Chestguard
Blighted Mithril Chainmail Gauntlets
Blighted Mithril Chainmail Greaves
Blighted Mithril Chainmail Helm
Blighted Mithril Chainmail Mask
Blighted Mithril Chainmail Shoulderpad
Blighted Mithril Chainmail Skilts
Blighted Mithril Platemail Armguards
Blighted Mithril Platemail Belt
Blighted Mithril Platemail Boots
Blighted Mithril Platemail Bracer
Blighted Mithril Platemail Chestguard
Blighted Mithril Platemail Gauntlets
Blighted Mithril Platemail Greaves
Blighted Mithril Platemail Helm
Blighted Mithril Platemail Mask
Blighted Mithril Platemail Shoulderpad
Blighted Mithril Platemail Skilts
Blighted Mithril Ringmail Armguards
Blighted Mithril Ringmail Belt
Blighted Mithril Ringmail Boots
Blighted Mithril Ringmail Bracer
Blighted Mithril Ringmail Chestguard
Blighted Mithril Ringmail Gauntlets
Blighted Mithril Ringmail Greaves
Blighted Mithril Ringmail Helm
Blighted Mithril Ringmail Mask
Blighted Mithril Ringmail Shoulderpad
Blighted Mithril Ringmail Skilts
Blighted Mithril Scalemail Armguards
Blighted Mithril Scalemail Boots
Blighted Mithril Scalemail Bracer
Blighted Mithril Scalemail Chestguard
Blighted Mithril Scalemail Gauntlets
Blighted Mithril Scalemail Greaves
Blighted Mithril Scalemail Helm
Blighted Mithril Scalemail Mask
Blighted Mithril Scalemail Shoulderpad
Blighted Mithril Scalemail Skilts
Blighted Ironsilk Cloth Belt
Blighted Ironsilk Cloth Boots
Blighted Ironsilk Cloth Cap
Blighted Ironsilk Cloth Cape
Blighted Ironsilk Cloth Gloves
Blighted Ironsilk Cloth Leggings
Blighted Ironsilk Cloth Mask
Blighted Ironsilk Cloth Shoulderpad
Blighted Ironsilk Cloth Sleeves
Blighted Ironsilk Cloth Tunic
Blighted Ironsilk Cloth Wristband
Blighted Essence Hide Belt
Blighted Essence Hide Boots
Blighted Essence Hide Bracer
Blighted Essence Hide Cap
Blighted Essence Hide Gloves
Blighted Essence Hide Leggings
Blighted Essence Hide Mask
Blighted Essence Hide Shoulderpad
Blighted Essence Hide Sleeves
Blighted Essence Hide Tunic
Blighted Essence Leather Belt
Blighted Essence Leather Boots
Blighted Essence Leather Bracer
Blighted Essence Leather Cap
Blighted Essence Leather Gloves
Blighted Essence Leather Leggings
Blighted Essence Leather Mask
Blighted Essence Leather Shoulderpad
Blighted Essence Leather Sleeves
Blighted Essence Leather Tunic
Blighted Ironsilk Padded Belt
Blighted Ironsilk Padded Boots
Blighted Ironsilk Padded Cap
Blighted Ironsilk Padded Cape
Blighted Ironsilk Padded Gloves
Blighted Ironsilk Padded Leggings
Blighted Ironsilk Padded Mask
Blighted Ironsilk Padded Shoulderpad
Blighted Ironsilk Padded Sleeves
Blighted Ironsilk Padded Tunic
Blighted Ironsilk Padded Wristband
Blighted Fine Mithril Large Shield
Blighted Mithril Large Shield
Blighted Fine Mithril Medium Shield
Blighted Mithril Medium Shield
Blighted Fine Mithril Small Shield
Blighted Mithril Small Shield
T5 Blighted Dragon Items
Blighted Mithril-Marble Armor Back Scale
Blighted Mithril Dexterity Back Scale
Blighted Mithril Focus Back Scale
Blighted Mithril-Marble Health Back Scale
Blighted Marble Power Back Scale
Blighted Marble Strength Back Scale
Blighted Mithril-Marble Armor Chest Scale
Blighted Mithril Dexterity Chest Scale
Blighted Mithril Focus Chest Scale
Blighted Mithril-Marble Health Chest Scale
Blighted Marble Power Chest Scale
Blighted Marble Strength Chest Scale
Blighted Mithril-Marble Armor Foreleg Scale
Blighted Mithril Dexterity Foreleg Scale
Blighted Mithril Focus Foreleg Scale
Blighted Mithril-Marble Health Foreleg Scale
Blighted Marble Power Foreleg Scale
Blighted Marble Strength Foreleg Scale
Blighted Mithril-Marble Armor Head Scale
Blighted Mithril Dexterity Head Scale
Blighted Mithril Focus Head Scale
Blighted Mithril-Marble Health Head Scale
Blighted Marble Power Head Scale
Blighted Marble Strength Head Scale
Blighted Mithril-Marble Armor Hindleg Scale
Blighted Mithril Dexterity Hindleg Scale
Blighted Mithril Focus Hindleg Scale
Blighted Mithril-Marble Health Hindleg Scale
Blighted Marble Power Hindleg Scale
Blighted Marble Strength Hindleg Scale
Blighted Mithril-Marble Armor Tail Scale
Blighted Mithril Dexterity Tail Scale
Blighted Mithril Focus Tail Scale
Blighted Mithril-Marble Health Tail Scale
Blighted Marble Power Tail Scale
Blighted Marble Strength Tail Scale
Blighted Mithril-Marble Armor Wing Scale
Blighted Mithril Dexterity Wing Scale
Blighted Mithril Focus Wing Scale
Blighted Mithril-Marble Health Wing Scale
Blighted Marble Power Wing Scale
Blighted Marble Strength Wing Scale
Blighted Emerald Tipped Dragon Claw
Blighted Spiked Emerald Tipped Dragon Claw
Blighted Fire Opal Tipped Dragon Claw
Blighted Peridot Tipped Dragon Claw
T5 Blighted Jewelry
Blighted Mithril Armor Bracelet
Blighted Mithril Dexterity Bracelet
Blighted Mithril Focus Bracelet
Blighted Mithril Health Bracelet
Blighted Mithril Power Bracelet
Blighted Mithril Strength Bracelet
Blighted Mithril Armor Earring
Blighted Mithril Dexterity Earring
Blighted Mithril Focus Earring
Blighted Mithril Health Earring
Blighted Mithril Power Earring
Blighted Mithril Strength Earring
Blighted Mithril Armor Necklace
Blighted Mithril Dexterity Necklace
Blighted Mithril Focus Necklace
Blighted Mithril Health Necklace
Blighted Mithril Power Necklace
Blighted Mithril Strength Necklace
Blighted Mithril Armor Ring
Blighted Mithril Dexterity Ring
Blighted Mithril Focus Ring
Blighted Mithril Health Ring
Blighted Mithril Power Ring
Blighted Mithril Strength Ring
T5 Blighted Weapons
Blighted Fine Mithril Bastard Sword
Blighted Mithril Bastard Sword
Blighted Fine Mithril Battle Axe
Blighted Mithril Battle Axe
Blighted Fine Mithril Broad Sword
Blighted Mithril Broad Sword
Blighted Fine Yew Club
Blighted Yew Club
Blighted Fine Yew Composite Longbow
Blighted Yew Composite Longbow
Blighted Fine Yew Composite Shortbow
Blighted Yew Composite Shortbow
Blighted Fine Yew Crossbow
Blighted Yew Crossbow
Blighted Fine Yew Cudgel
Blighted Yew Cudgel
Blighted Fine Mithril Dagger
Blighted Mithril Dagger
Blighted Fine Mithril Dirk
Blighted Mithril Dirk
Blighted Essence Hide Hand Wraps
Blighted Essence Leather Hand Wraps
Blighted Fine Mithril Gladius
Blighted Mithril Gladius
Blighted Fine Mithril Hand Axe
Blighted Mithril Hand Axe
Blighted Fine Mithril Hatchet
Blighted Mithril Hatchet
Blighted Fine Yew Heavy Crossbow
Blighted Yew Heavy Crossbow
Blighted Ironsilk Cloth Hand Wraps
Blighted Ironsilk Padded Hand Wraps
Blighted Fine Mithril Large Axe
Blighted Mithril Large Axe
Blighted Fine Mithril Long Spear
Blighted Mithril Long Spear
Blighted Fine Mithril Long Sword
Blighted Mithril Long Sword
Blighted Fine Yew Longbow
Blighted Yew Longbow
Blighted Fine Mithril Mace
Blighted Mithril Mace
Blighted Fine Mithril Maul
Blighted Mithril Maul
Blighted Fine Yew Quarterstaff
Blighted Yew Quarterstaff
Blighted Fine Yew Shillelagh
Blighted Yew Shillelagh
Blighted Fine Mithril Short Spear
Blighted Mithril Short Spear
Blighted Fine Mithril Short Sword
Blighted Mithril Short Sword
Blighted Fine Yew Shortbow
Blighted Yew Shortbow
Blighted Fine Yew Staff
Blighted Yew Staff
Blighted Fine Mithril Two-Handed Sword
Blighted Mithril Two-Handed Sword
Blighted Fine Mithril Warhammer
Blighted Mithril Warhammer
T5 Common Crystals
Shining Cabal's Crystal of Magic
Shining Cabal's Crystal of Might
Shining Magus Crystal of Magic
Shining Magus Crystal of Might
Shining Arsonist's Crystal of Magic
Shining Arsonist's Crystal of Might
Shining Glacius Crystal of Magic
Shining Glacius Crystal of Might
Shining Diviner's Crystal of Magic
Shining Diviner's Crystal of Might
Shining Psionic Crystal of Magic
Shining Psionic Crystal of Might
Shining Druidic Crystal of Magic
Shining Druidic Crystal of Might
Shining Protean Crystal of Magic
Shining Protean Crystal of Might
Shining Umbral Crystal of Magic
Shining Umbral Crystal of Might
Shining Exsanguinating Crystal
Shining Corrosive Crystal
Shining Decaying Crystal
Shining Bludgeoning Crystal
Shining Incineration Crystal
Shining Divinia Crystal
Shining Dementia Crystal
Shining Erosion Crystal
Shining Puncturing Crystal
Shining Lacerating Crystal
Shining Blight Armor Crystal
Shining Energy Armor Crystal
Shining Flame Armor Crystal
Shining Ice Armor Crystal
Shining Impenetrable Armor Crystal
Shining Indestructible Armor Crystal
Shining Invulnerable Armor Crystal
Shining Mind Armor Crystal
Shining Nature Armor Crystal
Shining Spirit Armor Crystal
Shining Blight Jewelry Crystal
Shining Energy Jewelry Crystal
Shining Flame Jewelry Crystal
Shining Ice Jewelry Crystal
Shining Impenetrable Jewelry Crystal
Shining Indestructible Jewelry Crystal
Shining Invulnerable Jewelry Crystal
Shining Mind Jewelry Crystal
Shining Nature Jewelry Crystal
Shining Spirit Jewelry Crystal
Shining Blight Tool Crystal
Shining Energy Tool Crystal
Shining Flame Tool Crystal
Shining Ice Tool Crystal
Shining Mind Tool Crystal
Shining Nature Tool Crystal
Shining Alchemist's Cog
Shining Armorer's Cog
Shining Carpenter's Cog
Shining Confectioner's Cog
Shining Dragon Gatherer's Cog
Shining Dragon Scalecrafter's Cog
Shining Dragon Spellcrafter's Cog
Shining Enchanter's Cog
Shining Fitter's Cog
Shining Fletcher's Cog
Shining Gatherer's Cog
Shining Jeweler's Cog
Shining Lairshaper's Cog
Lesser Shining Crystal of Holding
Lesser Shining Crystal of Movement
Shining Mason's Cog
Shining Miner's Cog
Shining Crystal of Movement
Shining Scholar's Cog
Shining Spellcrafter's Cog
Shining Tailor's Cog
Shining Tinkerer's Cog
Shining Weaponsmith's Cog
Shining Weaver's Cog
Shining Spirit Tool Crystal
Standard Shining Crystal of Holding
Shining Blight Weapon Crystal
Shining Energy Weapon Crystal
Shining Flame Weapon Crystal
Shining Ice Weapon Crystal
Shining Mind Weapon Crystal
Shining Nature Weapon Crystal
Shining Spirit Weapon Crystal
Dark Emerald Armor Crystal
Light Emerald Armor Crystal
Dark Fire Opal Armor Crystal
Light Fire Opal Armor Crystal
Dark Peridot Armor Crystal
Light Peridot Armor Crystal
Dark Emerald Jewelry Crystal
Light Emerald Jewelry Crystal
Dark Fire Opal Jewelry Crystal
Light Fire Opal Jewelry Crystal
Dark Peridot Jewelry Crystal
Light Peridot Jewelry Crystal
Dark Emerald Tool Crystal
Light Emerald Tool Crystal
Dark Fire Opal Tool Crystal
Light Fire Opal Tool Crystal
Dark Peridot Tool Crystal
Light Peridot Tool Crystal
Dark Emerald Weapon Crystal
Light Emerald Weapon Crystal
Dark Fire Opal Weapon Crystal
Light Fire Opal Weapon Crystal
Dark Peridot Weapon Crystal
Light Peridot Weapon Crystal
Shining Jewelry Crystal of Crushing
Shining Jewelry Crystal of Piercing
Shining Jewelry Crystal of Slashing
Shining Jewelry Crystal of Bruising
Shining Jewelry Crystal of Slicing
Shining Jewelry Crystal of Blight
Shining Jewelry Crystal of Bow
Shining Jewelry Crystal of Crossbow
Shining Jewelry Crystal of Energy
Shining Jewelry Crystal of Flame
Shining Jewelry Crystal of Ice
Shining Jewelry Crystal of Mind
Shining Jewelry Crystal of Nature
Shining Jewelry Crystal of Primal
Shining Jewelry Crystal of Spirit
Shining Jewelry Crystal of Summoning
Shining Jewelry Crystal of Tooth & Claw
Shining Jewelry Crystal of Unarmed
Shimmering Jewelry Crystal of Dragon Breath
Shining Jewelry Crystal of Dragon Breath
T5 Rare Crystals
Shimmering Cabal's Crystal of Might
Shimmering Cabal's Crystal of Magic
Shimmering Magus Crystal of Magic
Shimmering Magus Crystal of Might
Shimmering Arsonist's Crystal of Magic
Shimmering Arsonist's Crystal of Might
Shimmering Glacius Crystal of Magic
Shimmering Glacius Crystal of Might
Shimmering Diviner's Crystal of Magic
Shimmering Diviner's Crystal of Might
Shimmering Psionic Crystal of Magic
Shimmering Psionic Crystal of Might
Shimmering Druidic Crystal of Magic
Shimmering Druidic Crystal of Might
Shimmering Protean Crystal of Magic
Shimmering Protean Crystal of Might
Shimmering Umbral Crystal of Magic
Shimmering Umbral Crystal of Might
Shimmering Exsanguinating Crystal
Shimmering Corrosive Crystal
Shimmering Decaying Crystal
Shimmering Bludgeoning Crystal
Shimmering Incineration Crystal
Shimmering Divinia Crystal
Shimmering Dementia Crystal
Shimmering Erosion Crystal
Shimmering Puncturing Crystal
Shimmering Lacerating Crystal
Shimmering Alchemist's Cog
Shimmering Armorer's Cog
Shimmering Carpenter's Cog
Shimmering Confectioner's Cog
Shimmering Dragon Gatherer's Cog
Shimmering Dragon Scalecrafter's Cog
Shimmering Dragon Spellcrafter's Cog
Shimmering Enchanter's Cog
Shimmering Fitter's Cog
Shimmering Fletcher's Cog
Shimmering Gatherer's Cog
Shimmering Jeweler's Cog
Shimmering Lairshaper's Cog
Shimmering Mason's Cog
Shimmering Miner's Cog
Shimmering Scholar's Cog
Shimmering Spellcrafter's Cog
Shimmering Tailor's Cog
Shimmering Tinkerer's Cog
Shimmering Weaponsmith's Cog
Shimmering Weaver's Cog
Exceptional Shining Crystal of Holding
Exceptional Shining Crystal of Movement
Greater Shining Crystal of Holding
Greater Shining Crystal of Movement
Shimmering Jewelry Crystal of Crushing
Shimmering Jewelry Crystal of Piercing
Shimmering Jewelry Crystal of Slashing
Shimmering Jewelry Crystal of Bruising
Shimmering Jewelry Crystal of Slicing
Shimmering Jewelry Crystal of Blight
Shimmering Jewelry Crystal of Bow
Shimmering Jewelry Crystal of Crossbow
Shimmering Jewelry Crystal of Energy
Shimmering Jewelry Crystal of Flame
Shimmering Jewelry Crystal of Ice
Shimmering Jewelry Crystal of Mind
Shimmering Jewelry Crystal of Nature
Shimmering Jewelry Crystal of Primal
Shimmering Jewelry Crystal of Spirit
Shimmering Jewelry Crystal of Summoning
Shimmering Jewelry Crystal of Tooth & Claw
Shimmering Jewelry Crystal of Unarmed
T5 Hoardables
Ancient Barasavian Breastplate
Antiquated Helm
Exquisite Orb
Ornamental Helm
Priceless Orb
Royal Bell
Royal Coffer
Royal Crown
Royal Scepter
Royal Urn

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