Accurate Breath V: Using New Breath Weapons
Min Level 50
Race Dragon
School Dragon Adventurer
Creatures Redbacked Tarantula
Redbacked Tarantula Breeder
x 20
Abilities Accurate Breath V

You are ready to learn to refine the use of other types of breath weapons now. Luadius has sent you into the dangerous area known as the Northern Deadlands to seek out Redbacked Tarantulas as your new target practice.

Accurate Breath V: Using New Breath Weapons is an Adventure Quest given by Luadius of Dralk.

Quest Steps

  1. Kill twenty (20) Redbacked Tarantulas (any but the hatchlings) by way of a challenge to yourself as to how accurate you are with your breath weapon. The Redbacked Tarantulas are found in the north west corner of the Northern Deadlands on Trandalar. Luadius mentioned that this is near Aroah's Leap.
  2. To improve your accuracy with breath weapons, use your Breath of Fire, Breath of Lightning or Breath of Ice ability at least 10 times while fighting the tarantulas.
  3. Return to Luadius for your reward
Previous Quest
Accurate Breath IV: Precision Practice

Next Quest
Accurate Breath VI: Fighting Shadows

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