Accurate Breath VI: Fighting Shadows
Min Level 60
Race Dragon
School Dragon Adventurer
Creatures Shadow Spider
Shadow Spider Breeder
x 20
Abilities Accurate Breath VI

Shadow Spiders make harvesting silk plants difficult. Luadius is sending you on a task similiar to one you completed early on. Pick out targets from between the plants and hit them with your breath weapons, not the whole field.

Accurate Breath VI: Fighting Shadows is an Adventure Quest given by Luadius of Dralk.

Quest Steps

  1. Kill twenty (20) Shadow Spiders, either breeders or regular spiders, using your breath weapon. The Shadow Spiders are found just south west of the Rachival Outlands in the silk fields that grow there.
  2. Return to Luadius for your reward
Previous Quest
Accurate Breath V: Using New Breath Weapons

Next Quest
Accurate Breath VII: On the Battlefield

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