There is an old battlefield just outside of Aughundell that is haunted by the living dead. It has also attracted Scavenger Scorpions that desecrate this site where so many brave Istarians gave their lives in the fight against the Aegis. Luadius has sent you to deal with these scavengers while practicing the accuracy of your breath weapon.

Accurate Breath VII: On the Battlefield is an Adventure Quest given by Luadius of Dralk.

Quest Steps

  1. Kill twenty (20) Scavenger Scorpions that roam the battlefield outside the city of Aughundell in order to prove yourself worthy of further training from Luadius.
  2. Return to Luadius for your reward

Quest Text

  1. You have done as asked. Return for your reward.
  2. Luadius: You are a worthy dragon indeed, [player's name]. I will assist you in refining the use of your breath weapons further because of this.

Additional note Edit

Scavenger Scorpions spawn alongside Mighty undead, so this quest can be combined with Town Marshall: Haunted Ruins.

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