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Acolyte Miry
Location: New Trismus
(X, Y): (46004,14731)
Rating: 15
School: Cleric
Health: 286
Acolyte Miry

Acolyte Miry is a Cleric Trainer.

An Acolyte of the Clerical Order, Miry is very young and very inexperienced. But her superiors in Dalimond felt that she had a lot of potential and sent her to greet new Gifted on New Trismus. She is very insecure in her new position, but knows the lore of her Order and of Istaria quite well.

Quests AvailableEdit

Quest Level
Miry's Quest: Cleric Part I 1
Miry's Quest: Cleric Part II 2
Cleric's Quest: Display your Clerical Skills! 4
Cleric's Quest: Collect Ectoplasm for Ulaven 5
Cleric's Quest: Earn a new Healing Spell 5
Cleric's Quest: Recover the Lost Heirloom 5
Cleric's Quest: Collect Ectoplasm from Attor's Ghost 6
Cleric's Quest: Collect Wolf Bones for Geoff 6
Cleric's Quest: Speak with Mera in Kion about further training 7
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