• 7500 B.R. The People of Drulkar begin calling their new city, Dralk. Dragons thrive in their new world and their numbers multiply. Drulkar, the First Dragon, passes through the Gate of Embers and leaves Istaria forever. He closes the Gate behind him, telling his people that they must learn how to re-open it themselves to be worthy of following him.
  • 6102 B.R. Grand city of Palmyra is built amidst the tree-tops of Eastern Aradoth by the Dryad.
  • 6099 B.R. The Elves, a peaceful people living beneath the great Dryad trees alongside the Satyr, are instructed in the Teachings of Alyssa by the Dryad.
  • 6081 B.R. As a token of friendship and respect, the Dryad gift the Elves with the Tree of Life, also known as the Tree of Alyssa or Taniqel Tree.
  • 6078 B.R. The city of Bachan is constructed along the southern shores of Eastern Aradoth by the Satyr. Its many temples, academies, libraries and gardens make it a place of music, learning, commerce, and a general worship of life. The Satyr are the main inhabitants, but other races such as the Elves, Dryad and others are often found there.
  • 6012 B.R. The Elves, always eager to learn new ideas, learn how to build with stone and wood as the Satyr do.

Much of the information we have attained about this age is through folklore, legend, and stories passed orally. That is why much of the information during this period should be taken with a grain of salt. What is known is that many of the Living Races were prosperous during this time period. With each race residing in their own corner of Aradoth they grew unaffected by the Withered Aegis. Researchers also agree that the deities played an important role during this time. While the war with the Withered Aegis was not raging as it is today, many smaller skirmishes existed with many of them being influenced directly or indirectly by the Istarian deities.

During this time Humans were a nomadic race who followed wild game in search of food.

In an age rich with legend one such legend stands out, and I feel the need to call it to your attention. I feel it helps to emphasize the effect that the deities had during this time. This is the legend of how the Dwarves were created. Legend says that Brobbet, the God of Honor, created the Dwarves during the Age of the Gods to serve as the enforcers of justice to the Prime. The effects of this legend are still very prominant in Dwarven culture today and can be seen in Brobbet's Divine Mandate: "Without honor, there is no justice; without justice, there is no future," to which the Dwarves strictly adhere.

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