When worn by a dragon it directly increases its Armor.

Level RequirementsEdit

Type Min. Level
Bronze-Sandstone 1
Iron-Slate 20
Steel-Granite 40
Cobalt-Obsidian 60
Mithril-Marble 80


Required Skill is Dragon Scalecraft.

Formula NameBeginnerJourneymanExpert
Formula: Armor Chest Scale60460860
Formula: Armor Wing Scale160560960
Formula: Armor Head Scale260460860
Formula: Armor Foreleg Scale -460860
Formula: Armor Hindleg Scale -560960
Formula: Armor Back Scale - -960
Formula: Armor Tail Scale - -960

Usable ByEdit

Armor Scales can be used by: Dragon Adventurer, Dragon Crafter, Dragon Crystalshaper, Dragon Lairshaper

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