Avariatus' Quest: Claw Up The Local Spiders! is a Quest given by Avariatus .

As you now have a set of shiny new garnet tipped claws made, Kerian and Avariatus want you to test them out.

Quest TextEdit

Avariatus has asked me to send you out to test these claws. So, go back to where you fought before with the beetles and the gruoks and kill five Brown Spider Hatchlings. You will find them to the left of the split in the road.


  1. Locate the Brown Spider Hatchlings
    • The Brown Spider Hatchlings are located around (45771,15082). You are rewarded 100 adventure experience for finding the spot.
  2. Kill 5 Brown Spider Hatchlings
  3. Speak with Kerian

Target MobsEdit


Adventure Experience: 250

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