Avariatus' Quest: Slap Around Some Spiders With Tail Whip is a Quest given by Avariatus .

You have recently acquired a new ability known as Tail Whip. Avariatus wants you to experiment with this ability, which can stun your opponent, on the local grass beetles.

Quest TextEdit

You have probably noticed that as you grow and gain experience you also gain new abilities. Some, such as Claw Mastery, represent your increased knowledge of combat. Claw Mastery allows you to fight without your claws equipped. Tail Whip is a particularly good ability to use at key points in a fight. Using this ability, you slap your opponent with your tail, temporarily stunning them. This keeps them from hitting you for a short time and can often tip the scales of battle in your favor! Why don't you go and try Tail Whip out for me, show me that you know how to use it properly. Go back to where you found the Wild Grulets and locate the Tiny Grass Beetles nearby. Kill give of them and return here to me. Be sure and kill ones that are at least level 4. There are more beetles down the path to the east.


The Tiny Grass Beetles can be found North of New Trismus roughly at (45875,15115). Finding the beetles awards you with 100 Dragon Adventurer experience
  • Kill 5 Tiny Grass Beetles (Level 4 or higher)
  • Speak with Avariatus

Target MobsEdit


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