Avariatus' Quest: Prove Your Fighting Skills! is a Quest given by Avariatus .

Avariatus doubts your combat abilities and has ordered you to use your new spell, Prime Bolt, and test it out on some wild gruoks the live nearby.

Quest TextEdit

Good! I was afraid Kerian would forget to send you over here. You have been proving to Kerian that you can make spells. Now you must prove to me that you can use those spells in combat. The spell Kerian had you make is called Prime Bolt. It is a powerful spell, known as a repeater, that you can use instead of your claws. Repeaters can be cast over and over as a regular attack. Now, scribe the spell if you have not already done so, be sure you have it ready for use, and then go kill five Wild Grulets for me. You can find them by taking the road just out front of my cave up to the village then past the village and down the hill. Be sure and kill grulets that are between level 3 and 5.


  • Kill 5 Wild Grulets (Lvl 3 - 5)
  • Speak with Avariatus


  • Adventure Experience: 250

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