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Avariatus' Quest: Take Care Of The Treants! is a Quest given by Avariatus .

You have acquired a new chest scale!, Avariatus wants you to try it out by locating and killing some skeletons that have been harassing a hillside camp.

Quest TextEdit

Here you are, at last! You have equipped yourself with a new scale and a new claw. And so you are ready to test them out, yes? Good, good. Well, I have a bit of a challenge for you. There are more than just grulets, beetles and spiders on this island. There are the undead as well! Yes, it is true. Even here, so far from civilization, you will find the minions of the Withered Aegis encroaching upon our settlements.

They are a threat, but we have managed to keep them at bay... for now. There is a small camp on a hillside that I want you to find. Past the gruoks and the beetles, past the spiders you fought, and even past the fallen log, wyou will find a path up the hill to your left. There, among the trees, you will find a camp. Behind it the land is blighted and occupied by skeletons... and more, I fear. Go there, kill five skeletons and return to me when you are done.


  1. Locate the Fallen Log
    • The Fallen Log is at about (45711, 15070). You recieve 100 adventure experience for finding this location.
  2. Kill 5 Weaker Saris Skeleton
  3. Speak with Avariatus