The Avatar of Pain is an Epic Abomination that attacked Harro years ago with Falgut the Slaver and others. He and others slew all in his path while Falgut the Slaver desired prisoners.


This Abomination can be found south of the Imperial Outpost, roaming the road to the south into the Spiritous Swamp and to the Staging Grounds. It is usually found among Death Dealers, Ogre Bodyguards, Enraged Aegrors and always some Blighted Clerics.


No quests found.


Known CohortsEdit

Combat TacticsEdit

Kill the adds as these are nasty creatures using Primal Cast and Breath of Flame Burst, or Multicast and Dark Cyclone or Volcano, use your special attacks to kill AoP fast and make sure you have a decent sized group and an area where other adds cannot join in.

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