Lore - This article is a work of fiction related to the background/history of Istaria.

The home of the Satyr is an elegant city along the shores of eastern Aradoth known as Bachan, in honor of their chosen deity. While Bachan has not been visited in many years by anyone from western Aradoth, history tells of a city where detail and elegance of architecture rule the day. The Satyr are thought to be excellent builders, as the elegance of their city was proof of such. Detailed accounts of the Satyr’s magnificent use of wood for most of their structures is covered in texts dating back hundreds of years. The structures of Bachan were said to be made of a wood that was specially treated with magic essence, giving the wood a resiliency like that of steel. The Satyr made expert use of other resources as well, dedicating their structures to their own pursuits. The city was thought to have multiple temples to Bachanatus as well as a large and ornate amphitheatre that dominated the center of the city.

No one in recent memory has any information on the condition of Bachan as a city, but it is believed that the city’s fate resembles that of Feladan and Rachival. It is typical for the Withered Aegis to construct blight maelstroms in areas of significant importance, such as conquered cities. It can only be imagined what would be required to subjugate an entire race, such as the Satyr have. If there were visual, tangible evidence of such arcane domination, there is little doubt it would be present in this city.