WARNING! This page contains spoilers for the quest.

Given By: Hermey Misfit Gnome
Quest Type: Adventure
Location: New Koraelia

This quest is part of the seasonal Gnomekindle christmas event.

Quest TextEdit

Hermey is rather upset that there might be a festival happening in Kion at the same time as Gnomekindle. He's sent you there to find out what is happening.


  1. Talk to Krianos, the Town Marshall of Kion
  2. Talk to Krianos about Banner Days.
  3. Talk to Lady Kendra.
  4. Lady Kendra has asked for your help with the Wild Gruoks that are infesting the flax fields. Slay 20 gruoks and return to Kendra. 0/20
  5. Talk to Lady Kendra.

Target MobsEdit


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