Bannock's Ghost
Creature Type Ghost
School Aegis Ghost Mage
Level 100 - 102
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Bannock's Ghost is a named creature.


Bannock's Ghost's Loot

T6 Broken Items
Radiant Leather Band
Adamantium Metal Nugget
Thornwood Wood Strip
Corroded Dragon Back Scale: Adamantium
Corroded Dragon Chest Scale: Adamantium
Corroded Dragon Foreleg Scale: Adamantium
Corroded Dragon Head Scale: Adamantium
Corroded Dragon Hindleg Scale: Adamantium
Scale Hardener: Adamantium
Corroded Dragon Tail Scale: Adamantium
Corroded Dragon Wing Scale: Adamantium
Corroded Adamantium Bracelet
Corroded Adamantium Bracelet Gem Setting
Corroded Adamantium Earring Post
Corroded Adamantium Earring Gem Setting
Corroded Adamantium Necklace Chain
Corroded Adamantium Necklace Pendant
Corroded Adamantium Ring
Corroded Adamantium Ring Gem Setting
Corroded Adamantium Battle Axe Blade
Corroded Thornwood Bow Limb
Corroded Adamantium Broad Sword Blade
Corroded Thornwood Crossbow Stock
Corroded Thornwood Crossbow Trigger
Corroded Adamantium Dagger Blade
Corroded Adamantium Large Axe Blade
Corroded Thornwood Staff Limb
Corroded Adamantium Long Spear Blade
Corroded Adamantium Long Sword Blade
Corroded Adamantium Mace Crown
Corroded Adamantium Maul Head
Corroded Adamantium Short Sword Blade
Corroded Adamantium Two-Handed Sword Blade
Corroded Adamantium Warhammer Head
Corroded Thornwood Weapon Handle
Corroded Thornwood Wood Shaft
Corroded Radiant Leather Wrappings
Corroded Adamantium Sword Pommel
T6 Dye Formulas
Master Armor Dye Kit: Antique Colors
Master Armor Dye Kit: Copper Colors
Master Armor Dye Kit: Khaki Colors
Master Armor Dye Kit: Purple Colors
Master Armor Dye Kit: Steel Blue Colors
T6 Hoardables
Ancient Barasavian Crown
Antiquated Breastplate
Exquisite Mirror
Imperial Bell
Imperial Coffer
Imperial Crown
Imperial Scepter
Imperial Urn
Ornamental Breastplate
Priceless Mirror

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