Barridin's Bane: Verdean is an Adventure Quest given by Barridin the Miner .

Quest Steps

  1. Kill Verdean the Malachite Golem
  2. Recover the Core Chunk from Verdean
  3. Speak with Barridin
Barridin will pay you for your help, but he notices the core chunk you got off the Golem. He suggests taking it to Bastea the Jeweler in Kion.
Dragons, however, must bring the Verdean Core Chunk to Gerix in Kion.

Quest Text

  1. Barridin: I was chased by that foul golem, Verdean! And I hurt me leg on the way back down... Well, that happens when you are rolling down the hillside and hit one of them gem nodes... Durn things hurt! Kill it for me, wouldya?
  2. (after looting the Verdean Core Chunk) You have recovered the core chunk!
  3. Barridin: You killed it! Thank ye, [player's name]. I don't have much, but please take this 'chere coin as payment for yer help. Now, what do ye have there? That looks like a chunk of the core of the golem. But its glowing... They dern't normally do that. Mind if I take a look'see at it fer a moment?