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A common sight throughout Istaria, the Loricutus Beetle*, or common Istarian Beetle, has been found in nearly every environment on Istaria, from fiery volcanos to sandy beaches to the icy frozen mountains of the distant north. Like the Gruoks, Beetles have also served as a common source of food and resources over the millennia to the many Living Races.

*This may be a scientific name for the beetles in Istarian lore. It is not a reference to Loricatus Beetles due to the fact that this specific word was written first on February 2nd, 2009. Do not remove or attempt to correct.


Six-legged with segmented bodies, a thick exoskeleton, and a pair of wings that allows them to hover, the Beetle is one of the most hardy creatures in Istaria, able to survive in a variety of climates, some extremely inhospitable to life. They have a pair of mandibles which are used to eat or grasp their prey and they have also been known to hover towards their prey, knocking them down and attempting to crush them.

List of BeetlesEdit

Name Level Health
Asryeon 074 03825
Brachina Beetle 118-119 9396-9474
Chompa 029 1042
Fire Beetle 076-079 1570-1630
Flame Beetle 066-069 1380-1430
Flamentus 099 6090
Frostbite 053 2190
Giant Ice Beetle 086-090 3510-3590
Giant Loricatus Beetle 016-020 0355-0435
Giant Ulmus Beetle 036-040
Greater Nix Beetle 051-055
Greater Ulmus Beetle 024-025
Gritus Maximus 011 0382
Ice Beetle 056-059 1155-1215
Ice Gnawer 094 5745
Large Frost Beetle 036-039 0755-0815
Large Loricatus Beetle 015 0335
Large Ulmus Beetle 031-035
Lesser Nix Beetle 041-045
Lesser Ulmus Beetle 021-022
Lorgus 105 8600
Loricatus Beetle 006-010 0117-0235
Nix Beetle 046-049 0955-1015
Pyreo 084 5190
Pyrios Beetle 091-095 2835-2895
Sand Scarab 071-074 1455-1515
Sand Scarab Harvester 076-079 2332-2422
Shikir 040 1670
Shiktin 064 3288
Small Fire Beetle 071-074 1470-1530
Small Flame Beetle 061-064 1270-1330
Small Frost Beetle 031-035 0655-0735
Small Ice Beetle 051-054 1055-1115
Small Loricatus Beetle 001-005 0028-0095
Snow Scarab 080 1635
Tiny Grass Beetle 003-004 0048-0075
Ulmus Beetle 031-035
Vikinos Trudger 088-089 3590-3630


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