Note: This content is no longer in Istaria. The content may have been replaced, renamed, or removed entirely from the game. More information may be available in the Release Notes.

All Formulatrons are now Formulatron V0.2

Beginner Formulatron v.01
Location: Dalimond
(X, Y): (22783,22805)
Health: 20
Beginner Formulatron v.01

Basic InformationEdit


The Beginner Formulatron v.01 is an automaton devised by Gangaf Tagley. If one gives the Formulatron a beginner imperial lore token, it will give you a random formula for your current crafting profession. Keep in mind that the formulas given are from within an internal list, not simply of all formulas available to the profession. For example, the Formulatron only gives the Armor and Health Jewelry Formulas, not the Focus, Power, Strength, or Dexterity formulas.

A Journeyman Formulatron v.01 also exists.

Alchemist Known Formulas Edit

Blacksmith Known Formulas Edit

Jeweler Known Formulas Edit

Outfitter Known Formulas Edit

Scholar Known Forms Edit

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