Biggletorque: Chests in the Deep is a Quest given by Finagle Biggletorque .

At Finagle Biggletorque's direction you located an artifact known as a key that he believes will let you open these chests other Gifted have been finding in the deeps. He now sends you back into the darkness to find a chest and try the key while he studies the other you found in the hopes that he can learn how to make more.

Quest TextEdit

Finagle tells you, Hoy there, <player>, come closer! Its time to give that key you found a solid test. Descend back into the darkness of Dralnok's Doom and locate a chest. Use the key and let's hope to Istara that it works! Be sure and come back here once you've found and opened (or failed to open) a chest and let me know what happened and what you found within.

Finagle tells you, <player>, you made it back! And what is this? You were able to open the chest? Istara's Gears! That is wonderful news! What did you find? Oh, this is exciting... *he hops up and down excitedly as if to demonstrate how excited he truly is*

Finagle tells you, You found another key? Most intruiging, <player>. And this one is strangely shaped, isn't it? Well, I'm afraid to say that I haven't made much progress on the one you found in Gregory's Study. I have determined that it is made of Adamantium and that is appears to be magically imbued, but I have discerned nothing else about its nature or about how to make keys in general.

Finagle tells you, This journal you found... *he thumbs through the pages* It contains what on the surface looks like gibberish. But the markings on the cover, I would guess they are of Fiendish origin which means that the contents are probably encrypted. Not familiar with that word? It is something that the Fiends are fond of, being so secretive and all. You take words and you apply what is called a Cipher that makes the text unreadable, or in this case gibberish, to anyone who doesn't know the Key.

Finagle tells you, Keys and Ciphers and Encryption. It all sounds like something only the Fiends would create. The name in the corner of the journal means little to me. Falinthris. It rings no bells, but given how long the caverns had been closed, it is hard to say how old this journal might be. Centuries maybe. We may never discover what it says or why it was inside a locked chest with another mysterious key.


  • Locate and Open a tier 6 Chest within Dralnok's Doom using the Odd-Shaped Key
    • Note that any chest within Dralnok's Doom can be used. It does not need to be the adamantium type.
  • Return to Finagle and show him what you found.
  • Listen to Finagle


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