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Biggletorque: The Archmage Darkstaff is a Quest given by Finagle Biggletorque .

Finagle Biggletorque has heard of chests that cannot be opened being discovered within Dralnok's Doom. He believes special keys may be needed to open these chests, but then the technique has been lost for centuries. He remembers, however, seeing an odd looking key in the study of Gregory the Scholar many years ago and suggests you go there and see what you can discover.

Quest TextEdit


  • Listen to Finagle
  • Speak with Gregory in Dalimond about Finagle's Memory
  • Ask Richlan about Gregory's whereabouts.
  • Look around Gregory's Study for the key of which Finagle spoke.
  • Return to Delgarath and speak with Finagle about the keys


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