Blacksmiths represent the item crafters and weapon forgers of Istarian trade. Trained to be versatile in many different fields of study, they study both Weaponcraft as well as Fletching. Along with crafting items, they have rudimentary wood and metal gathering skills, as well as the ability to process the resources they gather. Blacksmiths are one of the three basic craft schools available to anyone in Istaria.

Blacksmith InformationEdit

Blacksmith TrainersEdit

Baric GreybeardExpertAughundell25,13426,057
Grubba TarwinkleJourneymanNew Rachival23,14325,555
GuranNew Trismus45,63614,775
Maari JoestJourneymanMahagra23,78230,529
Rolland ArrosBeginnerDalimond22,71722,806

Level ProgressionEdit

SkillPer Level
Armor Use 7
Fletching 8
Ingenuity 10
Logging 7
Lumbering 8
Metalworking 8
Mining 7
Quarrying 7
Sculpting 8
Smelting 8
Stoneworking 8
Weaponcraft 8
Woodworking 8
StatPer Level
Dexterity 6
Focus 3
Health 5
Power 3
Strength 8
Ability (* = Masterable) Level Earned
Ingenuity I * 1
Logging I * 1
Mining I * 1
Quarrying I * 1
Ingenuity II * 20
Logging II * 20
Mining II * 20
Quarrying II * 20
Gift Slots: Two* 25
Ingenuity III * 40
Logging III * 40
Mining III * 40
Quarrying III * 40
Gift Slots: Three* 50
Ingenuity IV * 60
Logging IV * 60
Mining IV * 60
Quarrying IV * 60
Gift Slots: Four* 75
Ingenuity V * 80
Logging V * 80
Mining V * 80
Quarrying V * 80
Gift Slots: Five* 100
Ingenuity VI * 100
Logging VI * 100
Mining VI * 100
Quarrying VI * 100

Blacksmith Task/Training QuestsEdit

Collection tasks require you to have the item collected in your inventory but do not require you to get the quest first. This means, for example, you can bring 200 Iron Ore to the trainer, get the quest, immediately do the turn in (Greet the trainer), get the quest again, do the turn in, and repeat twice more without moving from the trainer.
Craft tasks require you to make the items after you get the quest. The best way to do this is to bring a load of the raw material to a trainer next to a refining machine, get the quest, make the item, greet the trainer (turn in), get the quest, and so on until the material is used up.
Report tasks are delivery quests designed to show you where the Quartermasters are.

Levels 1-9Edit

Spirit Isle Blacksmith QuestsEdit
These tasks can only be completed once
QuestMin Level
Gravus' Quest: Blacksmith Part I1
Gravus' Quest: Blacksmith Part II1
New Trismus Starting Blacksmith QuestsEdit

These tasks can only be completed once

QuestMin Level
Blacksmith: Order 102, Harvest Knives3
Blacksmith: Cedar Staves for the Mages3
Blacksmith: Picks for the Miner3
Blacksmith: Bronze Maces For The Militia3
Blacksmith: Help the Gatherer gather wood3
Blacksmith: Scouts Need Short Bows Too!3
Blacksmith: Help Put The Work Back In Stoneworking3
Blacksmith: Smelting Tongs On The Move!3
Blacksmith: Resupply the Pawnbroker With Wood Saws3
Blacksmith: High Demand for Large Axes3
Blacksmith: Make Short Work of Short Swords3
Blacksmith: If These Hammers Could Talk!3
Blacksmith: Surplus of Short Spears3
Blacksmith: Pawning The Goods!9
Blacksmith: Wanted: Cedar Cudgels.9
Blacksmith: Longing for Longbows!9
Blacksmith: Putting the War Back in Warhammer9
Blacksmith: Outlasting the Long Swords!9

Levels 10-19Edit

New Trismus Training Blacksmith QuestsEdit
These tasks can only be completed once
QuestMin Level
Blacksmith: Speak with Kelamina in Kion10

Quests requiring or using Blacksmith Resources/ProductsEdit

Blacksmith FormulasEdit

Resource FormulasEdit

Blacksmith works in:

Tool FormulasEdit

Blacksmith can use:

Weapon FormulasEdit

Blacksmith can use: