Blasta's Lost Ring is a Quest given by Blasta Hegya .

Quest TextEdit

Blasta Hegya is rather embarrassed. She's lost her wedding ring somewhere and has not a clue as to where. Before she can return home, she's going to need another one. She's asked for you help collecting the perfect garnet gemstone from the golems south of where she's currently camped out so that she can continue on to Parsinia and have another ring made.


  1. Blasta has a problem and you can help. She's asked that you travel south to the Garnet Mines and obtain a variety of the Garnet Golem Gemstones from her to choose from. Collect 10 gemstones and bring them back to her for her to pick from.
  2. Return with the 10 Garnet Golem Gemstones to Blasta. Blasta is camped out near the Stone Circle on Lesser Aradoth.

Target MobsEdit


  • Adventure Experience: 1500
  • Money: 2 silver

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