Magical force to damage enemies.

Attribute GainsEdit

This skill is affected by Attributes.

Dexterity Focus Power Strength
0% 50% 50% 0%

Used InEdit

Rank is the skill increase gained per level.

School Rank
Shaman 10
Spiritist 10
Blood Mage 8
Reaver 7

Spells Edit

NameLevelBlight RequiredDescription
Blight Resistance I550Blight Resistance I
Blight Resistance II25250Blight Resistance II
Blight Resistance III45450Blight Resistance III
Blight Resistance IV65650Blight Resistance IV
Blight Resistance V85850Blight Resistance V
Blight Ward I880Effect: Blight Ward I
Blight Ward II28280Effect: Blight Ward II
Blight Ward III48480Effect: Blight Ward III
Blight Ward IV68680Effect: Blight Ward IV
Blight Ward V88880Effect: Blight Ward V
Brittle I550Effect: Brittle I
Brittle II25250Effect: Brittle II
Brittle III45450Effect: Brittle III
Brittle IV65650Effect: Brittle IV
Brittle V85850Effect: Brittle V
Clumsiness I10100Effect: Clumsiness I
Clumsiness II30300Effect: Clumsiness II
Clumsiness III50500Effect: Clumsiness III
Clumsiness IV70700Effect: Clumsiness IV
Clumsiness V90900Effect: Clumsiness V
Dispel I660Dispells Beneficial Effects
Dispel II26260Dispells Beneficial Effects
Dispel III46460Dispells Beneficial Effects
Dispel IV66660Dispells Beneficial Effects
Dispel V86860Dispells Beneficial Effects
Lessen Armor I550Effect: Lessen Armor I
Lessen Armor II25250Effect: Lessen Armor II
Lessen Armor III45450Effect: Lessen Armor III
Lessen Armor IV65650Effect: Lessen Armor IV
Lessen Armor V85850Effect: Lessen Armor V
Lessen Dexterity I550Effect: Lessen Dexterity I
Lessen Dexterity II25250Effect: Lessen Dexterity II
Lessen Dexterity III45450Effect: Lessen Dexterity III
Lessen Dexterity IV65650Effect: Lessen Dexterity IV
Lessen Dexterity V85850Effect: Lessen Dexterity V
Lessen Health I550Effect: Lessen Health I
Lessen Health II25250Effect: Lessen Health II
Lessen Health III45450Effect: Lessen Health III
Lessen Health IV65650Effect: Lessen Health IV
Lessen Health V85850Effect: Lessen Health V
Lessen Strength I550Effect: Lessen Strength I
Lessen Strength II25250Effect: Lessen Strength II
Lessen Strength III45450Effect: Lessen Strength III
Lessen Strength IV65650Effect: Lessen Strength IV
Lessen Strength V85850Effect: Lessen Strength V
Malady I15150Effect: Malady I
Malady II35350Effect: Malady II
Malady III55550Effect: Malady III
Malady IV75750Effect: Malady IV
Malady V95950Effect: Malady V
Mark I550Effect: Mark I
Mark II25250Effect: Mark II
Mark III45450Effect: Mark III
Mark IV65650Effect: Mark IV
Mark V85850Effect: Mark V
Rust I11Effect: Rust I
Rust II20200Effect: Rust II
Rust III40400Effect: Rust III
Rust IV60600Effect: Rust IV
Rust V80800Effect: Rust V
Soften I550Effect: Soften I
Soften II25250Effect: Soften II
Soften III45450Effect: Soften III
Soften IV65650Effect: Soften IV
Soften V85850Effect: Soften V
Weakness I10100Effect: Weakness I
Weakness II30300Effect: Weakness II
Weakness III50500Effect: Weakness III
Weakness IV70700Effect: Weakness IV
Weakness V90900Effect: Weakness V
Withered State I220Effect: Withered State I
Withered State II22220Effect: Withered State II
Withered State III42420Effect: Withered State III
Withered State IV62620Effect: Withered State IV
Withered State V82820Effect: Withered State V

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