Blood Skulk Soothsayer
Blood Skulk Soothsayer
Creature Type Skulk
School Skulk Soothsayer
Level 91 - 95
Health 1720 - 1774
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Blood Skulk Soothsayer is a creature.



  • Blight's Favor
  • Instant Heal
  • Malady VI
  • Ruin IV
  • Shaman's Chant
  • Steal Dexterity IV
  • Steal Strength IV
  • Thunder Cloud IV


Blood Skulk Soothsayer's Loot

Blood Skulk Pendant
Blood Skulk Soothsayer's Ear
Blood Skulk Soothsayer's Mettle
Blood Skulk Soothsayer Staff
T5 Looted Formulas (Lower)
Expert Leather Tannin
Expert Invisible Ringmail Helm
Expert Invisible Scalemail Helm
Expert Invisible Ringmail Mask
Expert Invisible Scalemail Mask
Expert Chainmail Belt
Expert Platemail Belt
Expert Fine Heavy Round Shield
Expert Fine Medium Shield
Expert Fine Reinforced Round Shield
Expert Fine Round Shield
Expert Fine Round Cross Shield
Expert Fine Small Shield
Expert Invisible Cargo Cap
Expert Invisible Cloth Cap
Expert Invisible Hide Cap
Expert Invisible Cloth Mask
Expert Invisible Hide Mask
Expert Leather Belt
Expert Padded Belt
Expert Power Chest Scale
Expert Power Foreleg Scale
Expert Power Head Scale
Expert Focus Chest Scale
Expert Focus Foreleg Scale
Expert Focus Head Scale
Expert Armor Chest Scale
Expert Armor Foreleg Scale
Expert Armor Head Scale
Expert Health Chest Scale
Expert Health Foreleg Scale
Expert Health Head Scale
Expert Advanced Appetizers
Expert Advanced Desserts
Expert Advanced Main Dishes
Expert Advanced Sides
Expert Power Ring
Expert Power Earring
Expert Power Bracelet
Expert Power Necklace
Expert Focus Ring
Expert Focus Earring
Expert Focus Bracelet
Expert Focus Necklace
Expert Armor Dye Kit: Light
Expert Armor Dye Kit: Precious
Expert Recharge Cell
Expert Fabric Transmutation
Expert Metal Transmutation
Expert Sap and Bark Transmutation
Expert Tannin Transmutation
Expert Stone Transmutation
Expert Wood Transmutation
Expert Gem Transmutation
Expert Metal Reaping Potion
Expert Bolster Focus Potion
Expert Bolster Power Potion
Expert Wood Reaping Potion
Expert Blight Protection Potion
Expert Ginesh's Thickened Skin Potion
Expert Latro's Evasive Aura Potion
Expert Spell: Primal Alacrity
Expert Spell: Mystic Blaze
Expert Spell: Sear
Expert Spell: Tempest
Expert Spell: Grazing Winds
Expert Spell: Blight Resistance
Expert Spell: Brittle
Expert Spell: Energy Strike
Expert Spell: Enhance Armor
Expert Spell: Enhance Dexterity
Expert Spell: Enhance Focus
Expert Spell: Enhance Health
Expert Spell: Enhance Power
Expert Spell: Enhance Strength
Expert Spell: Ensnaring Roots
Expert Spell: Flame Wave
Expert Spell: Freeze
Expert Spell: Group Health
Expert Spell: Lessen Armor
Expert Spell: Lessen Dexterity
Expert Spell: Lessen Focus
Expert Spell: Lessen Health
Expert Spell: Lessen Power
Expert Spell: Lessen Strength
Expert Spell: Mark
Expert Spell: Soften
Expert Spell: Spirit Resistance
Expert Spell: Theft of Life
Expert Spell: Thunder
Expert Spell: Warped Perception
Expert Spell: Dispel
Expert Spell: Stone Fist
Expert Spell: Energy Attack
Expert Spell: Flame Attack
Expert Spell: Ice Attack
Expert Spell: Numbing Haze
Expert Spell: Primal Attack
Expert Spell: Rejuvenating Breeze
Expert Spell: Shocking Blast
Expert Spell: Blight Ward
Expert Spell: Earthen Crust
Expert Spell: Energy Ward
Expert Spell: Flame Ward
Expert Spell: Ice Ward
Expert Spell: Nature Ward
Expert Spell: Spirit Ward
Expert Spell: Promote Intellect
Expert Spell: Promote Vitality
Expert Spell: Improved Flame Bolt
Expert Spell: Improved Energy Bolt
Expert Spell: Improved Lightning Bolt
Expert Spell: Mind Bolt
Expert Spell: Improved Prime Bolt
Expert Spell: Improved Revitalize
Expert Spell: Improved Spirit Bolt
Expert Shillelagh
Expert Composite Longbow
Expert Composite Shortbow
Expert Fine Crossbow
Expert Fine Longbow
Expert Fine Shortbow
Expert Fine Staff
Expert Fine Club
Expert Fine Shillelagh
Expert Bastard Sword
Expert Broad Sword
Expert Hatchet
Expert Short Spear
Expert Battle Axe
Expert Dirk
Expert Gladius
Expert Two-Handed Sword
Expert Warhammer
Expert Fine Bastard Sword
Expert Fine Broad Sword
Expert Fine Dagger
Expert Fine Hatchet
Expert Fine Large Axe
Expert Fine Mace
Expert Fine Short Spear
Expert Fine Short Sword
T5 Hoardables
Ancient Barasavian Breastplate
Antiquated Helm
Exquisite Orb
Ornamental Helm
Priceless Orb
Royal Bell
Royal Coffer
Royal Crown
Royal Scepter
Royal Urn
T5 Looted Techniques
Adventure: One Hand Crush V
Adventure: One Hand Pierce V
Adventure: One Hand Slash V
Adventure: Two Hand Crush V
Adventure: Two Hand Slash V
Adventure: Augmentation V
Adventure: Blight V
Adventure: Bow V
Adventure: Crossbow V
Adventure: Dragon Breath V
Adventure: Energy V
Adventure: Flame V
Adventure: Ice V
Adventure: Life V
Adventure: Mind V
Adventure: Nature V
Adventure: Primal V
Ability: Power Shot V
Ability: Power Strike V
Ability: Smash V
Adventure: Spirit V
Adventure: Tooth and Claw V
Adventure: Unarmed V
Defense: Armor V
Defense: Blight Resistance V
Defense: Blight Ward V
Defense: Block V
Defense: Crush Resistance V
Defense: Crush Ward V
Defense: Energy Resistance V
Defense: Energy Ward V
Defense: Ethereal Armor V
Defense: Flame Resistance V
Defense: Flame Ward V
Defense: Ice Resistance V
Defense: Ice Ward V
Defense: Life Resistance V
Defense: Life Ward V
Defense: Mind Resistance V
Defense: Mind Ward V
Defense: Nature Resistance V
Defense: Nature Ward V
Defense: Parry V
Defense: Pierce Resistance V
Defense: Pierce Ward V
Defense: Primal Resistance V
Defense: Primal Ward V
Defense: Slash Resistance V
Defense: Slash Ward V
Defense: Spirit Resistance V
Defense: Spirit Ward V
Spell: Accuracy V
Spell: Bane V
Spell: Blight Damage V
Spell: Blight Poison V
Spell: Blight Range V
Spell: Burning Damage V
Spell: Chill V
Spell: Cinder V
Spell: Combust V
Spell: Concentrated V
Spell: Covalence V
Spell: Critical Damage V
Spell: Derange V
Spell: Energy Damage V
Spell: Energy Range V
Spell: Flame Damage V
Spell: Flame Range V
Spell: Fog V
Spell: Fortify V
Spell: Freeze V
Spell: Gale V
Spell: Heal Increase V
Spell: Ice Damage V
Spell: Ice Range V
Spell: Ice Snare V
Spell: Junction V
Spell: Life Range V
Spell: Mind Damage V
Spell: Mind Range V
Spell: Nature Damage V
Spell: Nature Range V
Spell: Numbing V
Spell: Pierce V
Spell: Potency V
Spell: Primal Damage V
Spell: Primal Range V
Spell: Romp V
Spell: Scorn V
Spell: Shocked V
Spell: Spirit Damage V
Spell: Spirit Range V
Spell: Taint V

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