Blood Skulk Spearfisher
Creature Type Skulk
School Skulk Spear Fisher
Level 86 - 90
Health 1860 - 1920
Attack Type Pierce Damage
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Blood Skulk Spearfisher is a creature.



  • Armor Piercing Attack
  • Coordinated Strike IX
  • Cripple
  • Critical Strike
  • Disarm
  • Employ Shield
  • Feint III
  • Melee Flurry II
  • Multistrike III
  • Tactical Strike VII
  • Throw Spear II


Blood Skulk Spearfisher's Loot

Blood Skulk Pendant
Blood Skulk Spearfisher's Fin
Blood Skulk Spearfisher's Finger
Blood Skulk Spear Fisher Spearhead
T5 Hoardables
Ancient Barasavian Breastplate
Antiquated Helm
Exquisite Orb
Ornamental Helm
Priceless Orb
Royal Bell
Royal Coffer
Royal Crown
Royal Scepter
Royal Urn

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