Note: This item is no longer generally available in Istaria. Other players may have it for trade, however it is not a dropped item. Check the Legacy page for a list of similar items.

Boar Hide Mask

An old mask fashioned from a deadly boar that was sighted during the Dryad Event to free the Dryads. When used, the mask casts Boar's Rage on the user, it comes with animation and sound effect. The mask has been changed to require being equipped to be used, and now attunes on equip. Boar's Rage increases damage and attack speed, but also hurts the wearer, the Extra Damage 65-85 lands on the player. This amount was increased recently to make the mask more dangerous to use.

Boar Hide Mask
Weapon Type: Armor
Level Required: N/A
Skill Required: N/A
Damage: N/A
Delay: N/A
Range: 0
Damage Type: N/A
Bulk: 8
Hoard Value: 0
Boar Hide Mask

Usable ByEdit

It can be used by a Guardian,a Chaos Warrior, a Elemental Archer, a Crossbowman, a Spirit Disciple, a Knight of Creation, a Ice Disciple,a Storm Disciple, a Berserker, Flame Disciple, a Spearman, a Reaver, a Ranger, a Cleric, a Druid, a Shaman, a Battle Mage, a Monk, a Paladin, a Scout, a Healer, or a Warrior.

Use RequirementsEdit

NameLevelArmor UseBenefitsEffect
Boar Hide Mask61610
  • +43 Armor

On use when equipped:

  • +115 Armor
  • +6 Speed
  • +200 Two Hand Slash
  • Extra Damage: 65-85 (Direct)
  • Target Effect: Stun III (10% Chance)
  • Attacks Only: Does 200% of normal Damage
  • Attacks Only: Modifies delay by -15%
  • Attacks Only: Modifies recycle by -15%