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Breath of Fire
Breathe fire upon an opponent.
Masterable: yes
Passive: no
Attack Type: flame
Skill: Dragon Breath
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Breath of Fire is 1 of 5 Breath-attack abilities a dragon shall eventually have to it's disposal.


The list of Breath-attack abilities Dragons gain:

  1. Breath of Fire
  2. Breath of Lightning
  3. Breath of Ice
  4. Breath of Flame Burst
  5. Breath of Acid

Ability GainEdit

Rank Level Time skill received
I 1 Dragon racial trait so available from game start.
II Adult Upon completing the Rite of Passage.
III 60 (Adult) Upon completing the Breath of Fire: Refining a Useful Weapon quest.

When UsedEdit

Breath of Fire
Attack Type: flame
Damage: (see below)
Delay: 15
Recycle: 0:30
Range: 14
Skill: Dragon Breath


Rank Damage
I 20-26
II  ?-?
III 80-120

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