Breath of Lightning: Learn To Breath Pure Energy is a Quest given by Kelakhan .

The Breath of Lightning is a powerful breath weapon that is capable of nullifying magical effects and harming the enemy's dexterity.


  1. Acquire a Splinter of Energy-Bone from veteran skeletons on the islands known as Satyr Islands.
  2. Fill the container Kelakhan gave you with the Essence of Lightning from defeated Thunder and Lightning Blights that roam on the island chain which starts with the Island of Elnath.
  3. Return to Kelakhan when you have acquired the Essence of Lightning and the Splinter of Energy Bone.
  4. Speak with Bacharath at the Satyr Refugee Camp in Feladan.
  5. Create ten(10) Dahibian Silver Bars.
  6. Return to Kelakhan with the Dahabian Silver Bars.
  7. Give Kelakhan a moment to prepare the potion, then speak to him again to be given your final reward.


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