Bruttien Homestead
Destination Pad: No pad
Travel Gate: No gate
Shrine: No shrine
Plots: No plots
Lairs: No lairs
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Bruttien Homestead is a small farmstead on the Aradoth Frontier, northeast of Mithril's Anvil, near the entrance to the Yew Forest.


NPC NameSchoolLevelXY
Ahala BruttienHealer27,75525,643

No Creatures found.
No Named Creatures found.


Ahala's Sweet Tooth IIConfectionerAhala Bruttien85
Caepio's Troubles IICaepio Bruttien85
Caepio's Troubles IIICaepio Bruttien85
Manilius' Lost SonManilius Bruttien85
Ahala's Sweet Tooth IAhala Bruttien85
Caepio's Troubles ICaepio Bruttien85

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