Shield of Spirit

Shield of Spirit V Scroll

A rolled up piece of parchment, covered with strange lettering and faintly glowing runes. The parchment fairly hums with imbued power.

Scrolls are crafted by Scholars using the Scribing skill with a Rune Stylus on a Scholar's Desk. To craft the scrolls it needs resources like: papyrus sheets, spells and essence orbs. Scrolls are useable items and add buffs like the spells of the same name. They add damage shields, resistances and wards, gifts, enhances, heal or teleport the character to one of the racial towns.


Required Skill is Scribing.

Formula NameBeginnerJourneymanExpert
Formula: Enhancement Scrolls50 450 850
Formula: Gift Scrolls 1 400 800
Formula: Healing Scrolls 1 400 800
Formula: Raising Scrolls 80 480 880
Formula: Resistance Scrolls 20 420 820
Formula: Shielding Scrolls 100 500 900
Formula: Travel Scrolls 150 550 950
Formula: Warding Scrolls 60 460 860

Usable ByEdit

Scrolls can be used by all schools and races as long they fulfill the level requirement.

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