Valkor's Blood Sword

Weapons are pieces of equipment used to deal damage. Depending on the weapon, this damage can be either ranged or melee. Most basic weapons deal pierce, slash, or crush damage; though weapons can be found or made to deal almost any damage type.

Weapons can be obtained from many sources including (but not limited to):

  • Loot from killed monsters
  • Quest rewards
  • Trade with other players (directly or through the consigner)
  • Bought from NPCs (usually of slightly inferior quality)
  • Crafted with a high enough Weaponcraft skill

Epic Weapons can be obtained from the Epic Monsters that live in Istaria. They are more difficult to obtain than most weapons, requiring time and patience to get the desired Weapon.

Every weapon is linked to a corresponding skill. In order to equip a weapon, the player must first meet the requirements of the weapon. Most weapons have a minimum adventuring school level, a minimum skill level, and a list of adventuring schools that are allowed to use it. Some looted weapons are only usable by a particular race.

Once all requirements are met, a weapon can be equipped by double clicking it within the inventory or by selecting [equip] from the right click menu. Weapons can also be dragged from the inventory to the equipment window, into the appropriate hand.