Elf in Chainmail

Female Elf Ranger in dyed Steel Chainmail.

Chainmail is comprised of a tightly woven mesh of small circular metal links. A developmental improvement over ringmail it offers superior protection while still retaining a great deal of flexibility.

Skill Required: Armorcraft

Formula NameBeginnerJourneymanExpert
Formula: Chainmail Armguards170570970
Formula: Chainmail Belt100500900
Formula: Chainmail Boots140540940
Formula: Chainmail Bracer110510910
Formula: Chainmail Chestguard190590990
Formula: Chainmail Gauntlets150550950
Formula: Chainmail Greaves180580980
Formula: Chainmail Helm120520920
Formula: Chainmail Mask160560960
Formula: Chainmail Shoulderpad130530930
Formula: Chainmail Skilts180580980
Formula: Invisible Chainmail Helm120520920
Formula: Invisible Chainmail Mask160560960

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