Chieftain Bulok is a named Blood Skulk Spearfisher and the leader of the Skulks in the Spiritous Swamp. He resides in the main building of the Blood Skulk Camp (28800,22600), with two Blood Skulk Bloodmages are beside him. Two additional mobs roam into his tent, which may be Blood Skulk Soothsayers, Bloodskulk Bloodmages, or Blood Skulk Spearfishers.


Combat TacticsEdit

  • Right at the wall behind his hut there is a small area where no roamers are near. You are able to pull him out of the tent while standing there (range 40+).
  • If you just need the kill for a quest and no loot, you will want to try to kill him as soon as possible since the Bloodskulk Bloodmages do insane damage. Two lvl 100 players with Flurry attacks on should handle him easily and still be able to gate out.
  • If you need to loot him you should concentrate on one of the Bloodskulk Bloodmages first. Take him down as soon as possible, then switch to the other mage. Once they are down Chieftain Bulok is easy prey.


Chieftain Bulok has a chance to drop the following:

Chieftain Bulok's Charm