Cleric's Quest 7: Speak with Mera in Kion about further training is a Quest given by Acolyte Miry .

You have learned all that Acolyte Miry can teach you and you must move on to new places with new tests and challenges. You have been asked to speak with Rector Mera in the distant town of Kion.

Quest TextEdit

Miry tells you, So, <player>, you have done well and you have survived your first series of tests. Good job! I am pleased to call you my friend, and I am pleased that you will be able to continue your trianing. Now, there is much more for you to learn, but I am not allowed to teach you any further. To continue your training you must speak with another by the name of Rector Mera in the distant town of Kion. Kion is the home of the Saris and is on the northern shores of Lesser Aradoth. Take this letter with you and deliver it to the Rector for me. Use the travel gate outside of this village to reach Kion. Good journey!

You have received 1 Acolyte Miry's Letter of Referral.

Mera tells you, Welcome, welcome, to the warm shores of Lesser Aradoth and the Embrace of Merrassat. Here under Merrassat's ever-watchful eyes you will find the knowledge you seek... for a time. Eventually you will move on to other shores and learn more knowledge, but for now you are here and together we shall explore your future and expand your skills. Prepare yourself, <player>.


  • Speak with Rector Mera in the town of Kion. You must have Acolyte Miry's letter with you when you speak to Mera.


  • Adventure Experience: 500
  • Money: 1s