• New emotes button in chat window
  • All specific resources to show a specific animation
  • Make gathering easier by allowing double click on nodes / expanded right click menu
  • Add selected entity description to Target Window
  • Add icon, products, and requirements to scribe window
  • Add item icon to item info window
  • Animate idle system to allow NPC to do cool things when they're being idle
  • Add directional arrow for selected resources
  • Highlight map search result
  • Add icons to target window
  • Add UI reset option from options window
  • New Fishing Sounds
  • Item creation window resources consolidated / base and technique listing
  • Don't wait for resources (things you gather) when deciding to drop loading screen


  • Trade messages use lookups instead of item strings


  • Crash fix for slowness initializes display
  • Crash fix for video memory problems when compositing character textures
  • Fix for loot window and popup missing item name
  • Prevent selectable pets being invited to trade, chat, or become friends
  • Reset auto-deconstruct flag on each run of the item create window, so that items are not destroyed by mistake
  • Fix NPC Title in Target Window
  • Catch potential leak with character animations
  • Simplify memory cleanup when unloaded def files
  • Properly clean up particle pool and effect pool at shut down
  • Allow hotkey bars 11-20 to be bound to keyboard
  • Make Strafe Not Stop Auto-run
  • Fix level Up effects across many schools
  • Map window show shrines and fix search
  • Fix width of teleport destination column window so text is not truncated
  • Allow price column on vendors to sort
  • Tutorial typo fixes
  • Update New Trismus map image
  • /report command fixed and sends to customer support chat log. Contact customer support to have chat logs reviewed.
  • Can't gather correctly from tree resources
  • Updated client so that greets to regular players are not flagged with NPC message tag
  • Reposition NPC chat window so it doesn't cover NPC
  • Include the NPC chat window to be also closable by the 'close last open window' key binding
  • Adjust fog calculation so there's less fog when at close view distance and fog gently increases as view distance is increased (from 20m to 75m)
  • Adjust object loading so that objects load at edge of fog - reduces popping of objects
  • Adjust max view distance to 500m (used to be 1km) - smooths loading and 500km appears to look good
  • Disable terrain LOD (new default), as it is minimal savings compared to modern hardware and doesn't look very good
  • Update auto equip and auto-gather to work better with nodes that have multiple resources
  • Remove cloth sim option from options window - cloth sim leads to crashes
  • Teleporter Icon missing
  • Alpha sort launch window
  • Juv dragons do not play glide sounds
  • two % characters in chat window results in messed up text
  • Dragon shadows are messed up Thank you Racktor
  • Disable auto-rotate on resource gather
  • Adjust hotkey format to make it easier to copy prefs between characters / between shards
  • Fix memory leak in message handling (especially when logging enabled)
  • Adjust algorithm for terrain LOD calculation
  • Hotkey editor has Close Last Window, Follow, Loot, Select Last Target, Select Nearest Resource added to Action list.
  • Crash fix for managing hotkeys

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