Combat Stance
Adds damage to several abilities.
Masterable: yes
Passive: no
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Combat stances were originally a paper-rock-scissors fighting technique early in the game's life. Players and creatures would "choose" a combat stance to fight with. Certain combat stances would do more damage against others, and have more damage done against them as follows:

Combat StanceHigher Damage Against StanceTakes More Damage Against Stance

The system was modified so that creatures do not use stances anymore, however characters are still able to. Some abilities still provide more damage when in a certain Combat Stance.

When UsedEdit

Combat Stance
Recycle: 0:10
Range: Self only
Delay: 20

Neutral StanceEdit

Neutral Stance removes any stance that is currently active.

Red StanceEdit

Blue StanceEdit

Green StanceEdit

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