Daknor the Berserk
Creature Type Kwellen / Lesser Epic Monster
School Blood Berserker
Level 125 - 126
Health 86860 - 87560
Attack Type Crush Damage
Mind Damage
Weak To Primal Damage
Find Daknor the Berserk on Istaria Reference's in-browser map!

Daknor the Berserk is a named creature. Approximate in-game coordinates this creature can be found at are (28378,23127). Nearby enemies include Kwellen Berserker.

Primal Vengeance, Armor Shreds and Banish Armor work well on him. Daknor is highly evasive against both melee and spell attacks, even from characters with excess of 1400 skill, and 1000+ dex/focus. He's only on average to high armor, not much ethereal armor.



  • Area Spellbind
  • Berserker Barrage
  • Blood Cry II
  • Boil Blood
  • Coordinated Attack X
  • Coordinated Mind Bolt X
  • Disconcert
  • Group Power Aura
  • Improved Berserk Rage
  • Manifested Power IV
  • Mind Bullets
  • Multicast IV
  • Multistrike III
  • Mystify
  • Safety VI
  • Spellbind IV
  • Stop Blood
  • Syphon X
  • Thought Capture Decrease
  • Vitae Channel III

Daknor the Berserk's Loot

Burned Fragment of Hide
Burned Shred of Hide
Charred Portion of Hide
Charred Shred of Hide
Decayed Remnant of Hide
Decomposed Chunk of Hide
Putrid Shred of Hide
Putrid Remnant of Hide
Rotted Chunk of Hide
Rotted Shred of Hide
Scorched Portion of Hide
Scorched Scrap of Hide
Singed Fragment of Hide
Singed Scrap of Hide
Small Epic Crate
Medium Epic Crate
Epic Token

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