Decayed Elven Troopers are a type of Skeleton that can be found on the outskirts of Attios' Stand. They come in two varieties, Aegis Skeleton Spearman and Aegis Skeleton Ranger.





Decayed Elven Troopers have a chance to drop the following:

Antiquated Helm
Blessed Tablet
Ectoplasmic Residue
Essence Leather Band
Expert Fine Crossbow
Expert Invisible Scalemail Helm
Expert Metal Reaping Potion
Expert Spell: Energy Resistance
Expert Spell: Energy Strike
Expert Spell: Enhance Armor
Expert Spell: Promote Intellect
Exquisite Orb
Mithril Metal Nugget
Priceless Orb
Royal Bell
Royal Coffer
Royal Crown
Royal Urn
Scale Hardener: Mithril
Shattered Essence Leather Wrappings
Shattered Yew Bow Limb
Shattered Yew Crossbow Trigger
Shattered Yew Staff Limb
Shattered Yew Wood Shaft
Shiny Tablet
Skeleton Rib Bone
Spell: Gale V
Spell: Spirit Damage V
Adventure: Life V
Defense: Slash Resistance V

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