• Fixed The Riddle Solver title augmentation.
  • Hat Box for the Paper Bag Hat: Plain will now consume itself rather than the hat box for the "happy" hat when used.
  • Fixed quest Dalimond Peninsula: Attunement to Pleasant Canyon to use the correct constraint.
  • The Skeletal Warlord once again spawns in the Eastern Deadlands.
  • Shifted Stoneworking structure near Eastern Outpost slightly so that it hopefully will update and be on the ground.
  • Special Potion of Memories now properly calls for a Memory of the Lost Elder to be created.
  • Lowered the chance for "Weapon Tech Kit: Morravis' Rune of Flame" to apply the "Burning" debuff from 25% to 10% (delay-adjusted). This is being done in an attempt to lessen the frequency of application so that the Burning DoT has more time to actually do damage.
  • Scrolls, potions and technique kits of all types will once again consume themselves on use.

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