Fixes Edit

  • Drugan and Fohadon are now properly listed as "Pawnbroker" and will sell their wares.
  • Ponds T3 and T4 will no longer be buildable on "small" size plots.
  • Floor tiles that are 30X30 will no longer be buildable on "small" size plots.
  • Town Marshalls should now give the correct "Greet" dialog for players of all levels.
  • Fall Festival NPC's have been placed on New Brommel. (Note the Summer Event NPC's are still on New Korelia. For this year we're going to run both

events at the same time due to the overlap in timing of when this Content Update reaches the live shards.)

  • Lowered the cost of the Tavernkeeper Hiring Permit.
  • Tried to (again) delete the shrine from Memorial Island.
  • For the quest An Ancient Journal, the "a ragged book" will no longer delete

itself on use. The book is now deleted as part of the quest instead.

  • Ted is no longer sinking underwater.
  • Lair Tavern footprint should be correct shape.
  • Loyalty vault quests have had their dialog fixed so it matches the cost of the vaults themselves.
  • Music in Old Rachival will now properly play.

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