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Dexterity Chest Scale
Armor Type: Dexterity Scales
Equip Slot: Chest
Bulk: 20
Skill: Scalecraft
Tool: N/A
Dragon Ability: Dragon Scalecraft
Machine: Scale Forge

Usable ByEdit

Dexterity Chest Scale can be used by: Dragon Adventurer, Dragon Crafter, Dragon Crystalshaper, Dragon Lairshaper

Use CharacteristicsEdit

Name Level Dexterity increase Base Armor
Bronze Dexterity Chest Scale 1 +10 +5
Iron Dexterity Chest Scale 20 +20 +10
Steel Dexterity Chest Scale 40 +30 +15
Cobalt Dexterity Chest Scale 60 +40 +20
Mithril Dexterity Chest Scale 80 +50 +25

Creation RequirementsEdit

NameResourceNeedMin SkillOpt SkillLowest Formula³
Bronze Dexterity Chest Scale Bronze Bar 24-12 20 120 Beginner Dexterity Chest Scale
Iron Dexterity Chest Scale Iron Bar 24-12 220 345 Beginner Dexterity Chest Scale
Steel Dexterity Chest Scale Steel Bar 24-12 420 570 Journeyman Dexterity Chest Scale
Cobalt Dexterity Chest Scale

Cobalt Bar

24-12 620 795 Journeyman Dexterity Chest Scale
Mithril Dexterity Chest Scale Mithril Bar 24-12 820 1020 Expert Dexterity Chest Scale
³ Lowest Level Formula in which it is found.

Usable TechniquesEdit

These techniques can be applied to chest scales.
Armor Socketing
Techniques Kits
Adventure: Dragon Breath
Adventure: Eminence
Adventure: Primal
Adventure: Tooth and Claw
Adventure: Primal Vengeance
Adventure: Vital Defiance
Armor Dye
All Armor Dye Kits are useable
Craft: Crystalshaping
Craft: Essence Harvesting
Craft: Essence Shaping
Craft: Gemworking
Craft: Lairshaping
Craft: Mining
Craft: Quarrying
Craft: Salvaging
Craft: Scalecraft
Craft: Smelting
Craft: Spellcraft
Craft: Stoneworking
Craft: Transmutation
Craft: Miner's Boon / Bounty / Blessing
Craft: Scholar's Boon / Bounty / Blessing
Craft: Spellcrafter's Boon / Bounty / Blessing
Defense: Armor
Defense: Blight Resistance
Defense: Blight Ward
Defense: Crush Resistance
Defense: Crush Ward
Defense: Energy Resistance
Defense: Energy Ward
Defense: Ethereal Armor
Defense: Flame Resistance
Defense: Flame Ward
Defense: Ice Resistance
Defense: Ice Ward
Defense: Life Resistance
Defense: Life Ward
Defense: Mind Resistance
Defense: Mind Ward
Defense: Nature Resistance
Defense: Nature Ward
Defense: Pierce Resistance
Defense: Pierce Ward
Defense: Primal Resistance
Defense: Primal Ward
Defense: Slash Resistance
Defense: Slash Ward
Defense: Spirit Resistance
Defense: Spirit Ward
Statistic: Dexterity (not for Dexterity Scales)
Statistic: Focus (not for Focus Scales)
Statistic: Health (not for Health Scales)
Statistic: Power (not for Power Scales)
Statistic: Strength (not for Strength Scales)

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