Dragon Crystalshaper

Centuries ago, the Elders of dragonkind fled through the Gate of Embers into the realms that lie beyond the Prime. While they were gone, the world of Aradoth was torn apart by war. First were the wars of the Age of Sorcery, then The Lamentation, and finally the great Invasion of Western Aradoth. At long last, the Gate of Embers was reopened, and a few Elders returned to lead their people into a new age.

But after the first few Elders returned, the Gate has remained quiet, and none save Relstaroth and Balennos have crossed its boundary. The Council of Elders, who sit in judgment over all of dragonkind, have grown concerned and have sent Valkoth and Semeneth to investigate.

The two dragons, both revered Elders in their own rights, have made great discoveries about the nature of dragonkind and of Drulkar himself! Along the way, they discovered that the ancient art of crystalshaping may not be entirely lost, and so the Council has begun looking to the Gifted to finish the task that Valkoth and Semeneth began. ¹

The Crystalshaper only gets experience points by crafting products that uses the Crystalshaping skill! Crystalshaper focuses primarily on the creation of consumable crystals that provide temporary buffs to the player. These crystals have effects that include resistance and armor buffs, damage conversion as well as some more unique effects. ²

Join RequirementsEdit

To join the Dragon Crystalshaper school you must be an Adult Dragon. You must also be a level 80 Dragon Adventurer and a lvl 20 Dragon Lairshaper.

The questline to join starts with The Council's Concerns. Upon acquiring The Stone of Seeking quest in log, you will be attuned to Fiery Rift and able to travel to and speak to the trainer beside the pad, to join or buy formulae. You do not need to complete the entire questline to access the trainer.


Balennos the CrystalshaperJourneyman
Relstaroth's Lair22,58029,780


Crystalshaping Mastery I
Crystalshaping Mastery II
Crystalshaping Mastery III
Crystalshaping Mastery IV
Crystalshaping Mastery V
The Guardian and the Crystalshaper

Skill Per LevelEdit

Skill NamePer Level
Crystalshaping 10
Essence Harvesting 7
Essence Shaping 8
Gemworking 8
Ingenuity 10
Quarrying 7

Stat Per LevelEdit

StatPer Level

Usable ScalesEdit

Armor Scales
Broken Scales
Dexterity Scales
Focus Scales
Health Scales
Power Scales
Strength Scales


Required Skill is Crystalshaping.

Formula Name Skill Type Beginner Journeyman Expert Master
Formula: Armor Crystals Crystalshaping 50 450 850 1050
Formula: Crystal Shards Crystalshaping 1 400 800 1000
Formula: Damage Crystals Crystalshaping 75 475 870 1075
Formula: Resistance Crystals Crystalshaping 1 400 800 1000
Formula: Stone of Seeking Crystalshaping 200 n/a n/a n/a

Ability GainEdit

Dragon Crystalworking I1
Dragon Essence Harvesting I1
Dragon Essence Shaping I1
Dragon Gemworking I1
Dragon Ingenuity I1
Dragon Quarrying I1
First Wing Scale Slot10
Dragon Crystalworking II20
Dragon Essence Harvesting II20
Dragon Essence Shaping II20
Dragon Gemworking II20
Dragon Ingenuity II20
Dragon Quarrying II20
Head Scale Slot20
Second Gift Slot25
Second Wing Scale Slot30
Dragon Crystalworking III40
Dragon Essence Harvesting III40
Dragon Essence Shaping III40
Dragon Gemworking III40
Dragon Ingenuity III40
Dragon Quarrying III40
First Foreleg Scale Slot40
First Hindleg Scale Slot50
Third Gift Slot50
Dragon Crystalworking IV60
Dragon Essence Harvesting IV60
Dragon Essence Shaping IV60
Dragon Gemworking IV60
Dragon Ingenuity IV60
Dragon Quarrying IV60
Second Foreleg Scale Slot60
Second Hindleg Scale Slot70
Fourth Gift Slot75
Back Scale Slot80
Dragon Crystalworking V80
Dragon Essence Harvesting V80
Dragon Essence Shaping V80
Dragon Gemworking V80
Dragon Ingenuity V80
Dragon Quarrying V80
Tail Scale Slot90
Dragon Essence Harvesting VI100
Dragon Essence Shaping VI100
Dragon Crystalworking VI100
Dragon Gemworking VI100
Dragon Ingenuity VI100
Dragon Quarrying VI100
Fifth Gift Slot100

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