Formula NameBeginnerJourneymanExpert
Formula: Breeze1400800
Formula: Gift of Velocity1400800
Formula: Gust1400800
Formula: Prime Bolt1400800
Formula: True Grit 1400800
Formula: Tempest30430830
Formula: Grazing Winds40440840
Formula: Ignore Mysticism50450850
Formula: Rejuvenating Breeze70470870
Formula: Promote Intellect90490890
Formula: Promote Vitality90490890
Formula: Barrage100500900
Formula: Improved Prime Bolt100500900
Formula: Unrelenting Winds100500900
Formula: Primal Health120520920
Formula: Blast130530930
Formula: Countercheck Primal150550950
Formula: Quickening Breeze170570970
Formula: Arcane Refusal180580980
Formula: Primal Attack70470-

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