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Dragon Tutorial: Craft Skalkaar Dragon Claw

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WARNING! This page contains spoilers for the quest.

Given By: Artisan Jemenoth
Quest Type: Tutorial
Required School: Dragon Crafter
Level Range: 1+
Required Race: Dragon
Location: Skalkaar Isle
Previous Quest: Dragon Tutorial: Craft 6 Cut Garnet
Next Quest: Dragon Tutorial: Collect 50 Sandstone Slabs

Quest TextEdit

Now that you have gathered and refined the various resources needed, you can make your first special claw covering. Use your Dragon Scalecraft ability to create a Skalkaar Dragon Claw.


  1. Craft 1 Skalkaar Claw using your Dragon Scalecrafting ability. You will need to scribe the formula that you were given before creating the item. (Note: Use the scaleforge that is directly to your right upon entering the lair to craft both claws and scales!)
  2. Return to Artisan Jemenoth.


  • Craft Experience: 100

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