Now that you have gathered and refined the various resources needed, you can make your first special claw covering. Use your Dragon Scalecraft ability to create a Skalkaar Dragon Claw.

Dragon Tutorial: Craft Skalkaar Dragon Claw is a Crafting Quest / Tutorial Quest given by Artisan Jemenoth of Skalkaar Isle.

Quest Steps

  1. Craft 1 Skalkaar Claw using your Dragon Scalecrafting ability. You will need to scribe the formula that you were given before creating the item. (Note: Use the scaleforge that is directly to your right upon entering the lair to craft both claws and scales!)
  2. Return to Artisan Jemenoth.

Quest Text

  1. Crafting items for your own use and for that of others is an important part of life in Istaria. You've been given the formula for creating your first dragon claw. Scribe it and enter the lair again to create an item that will prove useful in combat.
  2. Skalkaar Claw created, return to Artisan Jemenoth..
  3. A Dragon Claw is useful for applying techniques, which include sockets that allow crystals to be added to them. You will learn more about this as you progress in crafting.
  4. Your next task will be to create a Dragon Scale, but take a moment to look over all you've learned thus far and be proud of your progress.

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