Dragon Tutorial: Craft Skalkaar Dragon Scale
Horizons 1330505783
Min Level 1
Race Dragon
School Dragon Crafter
Items Skalkaar Hatchling Scale
x 1
Note: A Special: Skalkaar Hatchling Scale formula is given upon accepting the quest, rather than as a reward from the previous quest.

To protect you as you go into battle it is important to have properly fitting scales. Learn to use your Dragon Scalecraft ability and make a Skalkaar Dragon Scale.

Dragon Tutorial: Craft Skalkaar Dragon Scale is a Crafting Quest / Tutorial Quest given by Artisan Jemenoth of Skalkaar Isle.

Quest Steps

  1. Craft 1 Skalkaar Hatchling Scale using your Dragon Scalecraft ability. Remember that you will need to scribe the formula and use the machine in Jemenoth's lair to craft the scale.
  2. Return to Artisan Jemenoth.

Quest Text

  1. Craft 1 Skalkaar Hatchling Scale using the Sandstone Bricks you just created.
  2. Skalkaar Scale created, return to Artisan Jemenoth..
  3. I have one more skill to teach you before you move on. It is about learning to create your own spells and the difference between your spells and your abilities.
Previous Quest
Dragon Tutorial: Craft 10 Sandstone Bricks

Next Quest
Dragon Tutorial: Spells and Abilities

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