It is time to put that newly made scale to the test. Can it protect you against the sharp jaws of the small grass beetles that wander Skalkaar Forest?

Dragon Tutorial: Kill 3 Tiny Grass Beetles is an Adventure Quest / Tutorial Quest given by Instructor Karkath of Skalkaar Isle.

Quest Steps

  1. Kill 3 Skalkaar Tiny Grass Beetles. The beetles are found north of the road in Skalkaar Forest.
  2. Return to Instructor Karkath.

Quest Text

  1. So you have crafted your first claw, correct? Good. If you have not already done so, please equip your new Skalkaar Claw now. There is still much for you to learn.
  2. Beetles are found throughout Istaria. The local Skalkaar tiny grass beetle can be found in the forest, usually along the north side of the path. They can be more challenging than grulets due to the fact that if you attack one, often others will rush to attack you if they are nearby. With that word of warning, kill 3 Skalkaar tiny grass beetles and then return to me.
  3. You have succeeded, return to Instructor Karkath..
  4. Excellent. If you have not yet crafted your Skalkaar Scale, you should go speak with Artisan Jemenoth now. If you have, now would be a good time to equip your Skalkaar Scale. I have more tasks for you and they only become more challenging as you learn more and I feel you can meet such challenges.