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Drain Strike VIII: Another Strange Oastic

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WARNING! This page contains spoilers for the quest.

Given By: Severant
Quest Type: Adventure
Required School: Dragon Adventurer
Level Range: 85+
Required Race: Dragon
Location: Dralk
Previous Quest: Drain Strike VII: Your "Jaded" Trainer
Next Quest: Drain Strike IX: Danger on Drakul

Quest TextEdit

Severant is in a much better mood this time and has agreed to train you further, but still felt he had to offer some challenge for you to prove your worthy.  Forest Oastics are a bit less odd looking than the Lava Oastics you fought earlier, and shouldn't be all that hard to defeat.  They are most commonly just south of Demon's Peak near the Eastern Outpost.


  1. Forest Oastics that make their home in the Yew Forests west of the Eastern Outpost.  Defeat twenty (20) of them and return to Severant for more training.
  2. Return to Severant in Dralk to be trained in the next rank of Drain Strike

Target MobsEdit


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