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The Dralnok's Doom ia a dungeon located under Delgarath. The content will be focused on rating 100+ players.

Fact: The Labyrinth is 1,000,000 m2.

Fact: The Labyrinth is wide and tall enough in many places for Ancient Dragons to walk quite comfortably.

Fact: There is a good amount of content related to the Labyrinth planned for OUTSIDE of the Labyrinth itself.

On Map:

Fail or not by sasuskaithedragon-d47owtz

Preview ScreenshotsEdit


Labyrinth: Gate


Labyrinth: Way


Labyrinth: Pond


Labyrinth: Wall Plants


Labyrinth: Plants


Labyrinth: Cages


Labyrinth: Maggot Camp

Preview Screenshots (provided by Zexoin)Edit


Labyrinth: 2006


Labyrinth: 2006


Labyrinth: 2006


Labyrinth: 2006

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